Welcome to Piccolos

Welcome to our brilliant team which consists of 29 ambitious learners, who are not afraid to make mistakes and rise to every challenge. Our Teacher is Mrs Smith and our wonderful Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Moores. Many other lovely adults work with us at various times of the week including Mrs Wren, Mrs Darby, Ms Webster and Mrs Brown.

Teaching and learning is approached in a way that many different areas of the curriculum are connected using a common theme. Each half term will see the start of a new theme.

To look at the Key Learning Documents appropriate to our time in Lower Key Stage Two, please click here. To look at our theme map please click here.

The Iron Man - Spring 2

We will be exploring themes within the book, 'The Iron Man', written by Ted Hughes. This text will provide the stimulus for learning in other subjects. In Science, we will be learning about forces through exploring how different surfaces affect movement and developing our understanding of magnetism. We will be raising and testing our own scientific questions linked to these areas. In DT, we will be designing, making and evaluating linkages and levers which we will use to create a pop-up book to retell the story of The Iron Man. An exciting half term awaits....

Safer Internet Day, this year, focused on empowering the children to take control of their digital lives and consider how consent works in an online context. We explored how to ask for, give and receive consent online. We learnt to recognise situations where we may need to give or receive permission online and we understand that choices we make online are important and can have meaning for others too.  We thought about how we take and share images and videos and how we manage our privacy and data. We devised our own pledges to help us keep safe online.

 Spring 1 - Rock & Roll 

Through our theme work this half term the children have developed their working scientifically skills by becoming 'Rock Detectives’. They have found out everything they can about: Rocks - their properties, where they come from and how they are formed; Fossils - what they tell us about the past; and Soil - what soil is made up of and how soils can be different.They have investigated earthquakes and volcanoes: what they are; why they happen; and how they affect the landscape and human activity. The children have developed their methods of historical enquiry, and learnt how evidence is used to make detailed observations to find out answers to questions about life in Ancient Britain. We welcomed a geologist, Steven Wright, who came to work with us to enrich our learning in these areas.

Stone Age Theme Day - February 

Year 3 and 4 have let their imaginations run wild as they stepped back in time to the Stone Age. Wearing stone age attire, they have spent the day being hunter-gatherers. They have foraged for wild berries and stewed them with honey - enjoying it with a little ice cream (a modern day treat). They have made bread using a Stone Age recipe and techniques. They learnt how important fire was to early humans and built their own fires. They have explored how cave paintings give clues about life in the past and have designed their own to tell a Stone Age story. They have written a diary entry in role. We've had a fabulous day!!

Working with Steven Wright - a Geologist

We have had a very exciting start to our topic this half term. Steven Wright, a Geologist, has been working with us to develop our understanding of volcanoes and the properties of rocks and soils. In addition, we worked with the year 3 and 4 teachers to explore soil samples and make 'dirt puddings' to represent what lies beneath our feet. A fabulous, creative and inspiring day...