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Our teacher this year is Mrs Marshall. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wright and Mrs Biltcliffe.

There are 27 enthusiastic, kind, hard working superstars in our class! You will also get to meet Berty Bear and Betsy Bunny if you work hard and try your very best. 


Our theme this term is Dinosaurs and Penguins, Possums and Pigs.

We always start our busy day with a English and Maths morning challenge to get ourselves ready for learning.

 Our Maths homework is online using 'My Maths'. We appreciate all the support from parents and grandparents who help us practise our spellings and hear us read so we can become even cleverer!






We have PE on a Thursday and a Friday, which we always really look forward to.

On a Thursday we are currently enjoying dance with Miss Murray and we love it.  We are dancing like animals and are improving every week. Look at the fun we are having pretending to dance like lions and monkeys.






In Computing, this half term, we are learning to be journalists. We are making our newspaper all about life in our new class. We were fortunate to have had a visit from a real life famous journalist. Paul Joyce is a sports journalist for the Daily Express and he kindly came to speak to us about what his job is like. He even interviewed some of us using his Dictaphone.



The Great Fire of London

We are having lots of fun learning all about the Great Fire of London and what it would have been like to live in 1666. We love being creative and messy in Cello class, so we had lots of fun making houses from 1666 and making them look like they were on fire. We work really well as a team and help each other. Look at our brilliant concentrating faces!

We have enjoyed researching more exciting facts about the Great Fire of London using the Learnpads, developing our computing skills too!


As part of our Fire!Fire! theme local firemen came to visit us. We loved seeing the fire engine and were really interested to know that they still use a metal hook like they did in the Great Fire of London.

Stop, drop, roll!



In our class one of our favourite subjects is Maths. We always enjoy our fun, practical maths lesson and learn lots too.

We are getting really good at addition and subtraction, understanding place value and we are working really hard on writing our numbers the correct way round!

We are trying hard to remember our number bonds. We had fun making number bond bead bracelets to help us learn and remember them. 


We have been learning about fractions in Maths, so we had lots of fun making pizzas. Our pizza had 1/2 mushrooms, 1/4 pineapple and 1/4 ham. We had cheese over the whole of our pizza. We enjoyed eating our yummy pizzas!


Role play

We all love the opportunity to play in our role play area. When we were learning about the Great Fire of London, we had a modern day baker's shop.  


We are currently learning all about Plants in Science, so our role play is a Garden Centre.





In Spring term we have been busy writing our own non-fiction book all about dinosaurs. We have also written some brilliant dinosaur poems. We have produced an information page in our Computing lessons too. We are looking forward to writing our own dinosaur story.


We have had lots of fun making our own dinosaurs out of junk. Thank you to all parents who helped their children make these fantastic dinosaurs for homework. We have dinosaurs on parade in our classroom, in alphabetical order. We also enjoyed weighing and measuring our dinosaurs in Maths. We found out which dinosaur was the heaviest and the lightest, and which was the tallest and the shortest.

We have made clay dinosaurs too!




Music is one of our favourite lessons each week. This half term we are learning a song called ‘Hey You’. We love using the glockenspiels to accompany our singing and we are now trying to compose our own music for the instrumental section of the song.

We have been busy making our own musical instruments. We will be using them in our Christmas play.

We have also enjoyed performing to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Every child played an instrument to create the sound effects. We had lots of fun and made lots of noise! A few future rock stars maybe!

Our outside area


We are currently busy developing our outside area. We have just started to build our bug hotel, it is an ongoing project and we are looking forward to observing lots of creepy crawlies!


We are enjoying playing in our outside area now the weather is nicer during the Summer term.


We enjoyed our Countryside ramble to the woods to raise money for Children in Need. We had fun doing a scavenger hunt.  We are going to use the items we found to add to our bug hotel. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us.

Remembrance Week


We all really enjoyed learning about Remembrance day and what it would have been like in World War 1. We learnt lots of new facts and thought about what food we would miss if we had to have rationing. We all decided we are very lucky today, as we do not have to feed chickens or do any gardening before we go to school!  We now know the importance of the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month and the why people wear a poppy. We made a poppy wreath and wrote a brilliant class acrostic poem.


Enterprise week!

We have been very busy during our Enterprise week. Our company 'Twinkling Trees' has enjoyed meeting our dragon and gaining advice on our business. We named our company after great deliberation and several business meetings, designed our logo, made business cards and posters to advertise our company and product. We have demonstrated great team work whilst working in our departments to produce our handmade and unique Christmas tree decorations.

Our company logo
Our company logo

...where everything is special and made with love!

Watch our wonderful adverts that we have made for our special tree decorations! 

A special thank you to our brilliant choir.

Reindeer Department advert by Sam, Lily, Scarlett, Ollie, Nathan, Maisie and Freya

Bauble Department advert by Daniel, Jessica, Seb, Charlie, Tamsin, Evie and Alex

Tree department advert by Zack, Leyton, Dean, Sophia, Abi, Conor and Nelson

Snowman Department advert by Natally, Olivia, Myles, Faith, Mia and Sophie

Here are our special tree decorations.

Look at the photos of our Twinkling Trees stall at our Christmas fair.

Having lots of fun at our Christmas party!!

Safer Internet Day


We learnt lots of important information on Safer Internet Day. We all now know that we need to ask a grown up before we go on the internet. 'Before you tap and click. Remember to stop and think. Ask someone'. Children are now more aware that they should not put any personal information online, knowing this includes their name, age, address, school, phone number or photo of themselves.

They enjoyed making up a nick name to use online rather than using their real name.

Please watch this video that gives a clear but fun message about asking permission before you go on the internet to watch a video.

Charles Darwin Day


We spent the day learning about the life of Charles Darwin and why he was a significant person. We were interested in his travels to the Galapagos Islands as we have been learning about the continents and oceans, and we recognised these on the map when finding where he travelled to. We loved learning that he discovered plants and animals that nobody had ever seen before.

We had lots of fun designing adaptations of animals ourselves and designed some very funny and clever animals!

Maths Day

We had lots of fun on World Maths Day in Cello class. We enjoyed working as part of a team to help each other solve maths problems. We developed the skill of solving our problems using trial and error and quickly realised that you will not solve the problem straight away and we had to keep trying our best until we found the solution. A lot of our maths problems were dinosaur themed so they were really fun.

We were set a challenge to solve...

'Three dinosaurs laid some eggs. Each dinosaur laid an odd number of eggs. Altogether they laid 19 eggs. How many eggs did each dinosaur lay? Find as many different ways to do it.'

We also were very proud to show our parents all of our work in our Maths books.



World Book Day

All of the children in Cello class looked fantastic in their costumes for Book day. We read the book 'Bear's Magic Pencil' by Anthony Browne and had lots of fun with our work on this story. We all wish we had our own magic pencil!! We created our own version of the story.

Our Science theme is Plants

Cello class are enjoying their Science work learning all about Plants. We have been busy planting egg cress heads and have been surprised how quickly the cress hair grew! We are growing beans in a bag and are fascinated watching them growing. We have all planted a Sunflower seed and are looking forward to our competition to see who grows the tallest Sunflower. We are having fun in our Garden Centre role play.

Our school garden was the perfect place to do observational drawings of plants and leaves.

We enjoyed a walk to the woods to closely examine plants and leaves. We found out that not all leaves are the same size or shape. We also found out that leaves are different underneath.

Jack and the beanstalk

To help inspire us to write our Jack and the beanstalk stories for the library story writing competition, we enjoyed some Giant themed Maths. A giant visited our classroom, left a beanstalk and some giant footprints. We measured the footprints and compared them to our own. We also measured our head circumference, like the giant in the story 'Jim and the beanstalk'.

Ice cream van celebration

All the Year 2 children worked very hard during their Year 2 SATs week, and to say thank you and well done, the ice cream van came. Yummy!

KS1 Sports Day



David Walliams


We couldn't believe it when David Walliams came to our school. We loved hearing him read extracts from his brilliant stories. He kindly gave us all 2 of his books. We are currently reading 'Gansta Granny' as our class novel.


Design and Technology

For our Design and Technology work on structures, we have enjoyed designing and making chairs for our class pets, Betsy bunny and Berty bear. We are very impressed with our finished chairs and Berty and Betsy found them very comfortable. The favourite chair design was the cinema chair with the cup holder.

Science week


We all thoroughly enjoyed ur Science week. We had lots of fun, learned new and amazing facts, and experienced once in a lifetime opportunities.

It was great fun coming to school dressed in Science fancy dress. We had some brilliant costumes and even had aliens, astronauts and doctors in our class for the day.

We were fascinated by the Lunar samples and couldn't believe we were actually holding and touching real moon rocks.

Luckily, we were able to taste real astronaut food. We tried freeze dried strawberries and ice cream. Most of us thought they tasted good and would happily have eaten them if we were really astronauts.

Just for fun we pretended to be astronauts and wrote under the table!

We tested our reflexes in an experiment to find out which member of Cello class would make the best future astronaut. We had to see who could catch the ruler the quickest. We also measured our leaps. 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'.

One of our favourite activities was experimenting to make our own moon craters.


Our trip to Brockholes


We enjoyed a fantastic day at Brockholes with the sun shining.

Our first activity was den building which was great fun. We listened to all our log safety instructions and then got started. We were all brilliant at den building, and included seating areas, camp fires and some groups even had windows in their dens.


After our lunch, we enjoyed pond dipping. We found lots including newts, water boatman, snails, tadpoles and frogs. We liked using the nets and the magnifying glasses. Occasionally, a few of us tried to catch half the pond!


Finally, we had lots of fun creating environmental art. We made animal art work using natural materials in the woods. We are all very creative!


We got the opportunity to make individual tree sculptures, using clay on the tree trunks for faces and then using natural materials. This was great fun and our sculptures were fantastic. 



We created a Cello class TCP flag using our muddy handprints, we were able to bring our flag back to school to remind us of our great day at Brockholes.

What we will be learning to do this year?

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