Welcome to Bassoon Class

We are a class of 21 mixed year 1 and year 2 children who are eager learners. We love to learn through active learning.

Our teacher is Mrs Walmsley and you will also meet Mrs McCallum who teaches us on a Thursday and Miss Webster and Mrs Brown our TA's.

Our P.E lessons are on Tuesday and Friday, and sometimes on a Wednesday,  so we need to make sure that our P.E kit is in school on these days. 

As a part of our Wednesday afternoon work we can bring something along for Show and Tell. We need to bring something which is important to us or special so that we can stand up and talk about it to our friends. This really helps us to practice our speaking and listening skills. 

We try to read a few pages of our books every night so that we can become 'Super Readers!' and have our books changed when we have finished them. Our spelling  homework is given out on a Friday and we have our spelling test on Friday morning each week. We each have a login for Timestable Rockstars to play games and learn our times tables. We also have a login for Purple mash which has lots of fun activities for us to try at home.

We have an exciting year ahead and we look forward to learning lots of new things...

Autumn 1

We are poets...

We looked at some poems and then wrote our own about school and school dinners.

Hello Yellow.

What a fantastic Hello Yellow day we had :))
We started off talking about our worries and sharing them with each other, our worries are only small for example... "I worry about being in bed in the dark,but Mummy has put stars on my ceiling to make me feel safe", " I worry about losing my coat on the playground". We decided that talking to grown ups, friends, brothers and sisters about our worries always makes us feel better ( a problem shared is a problem halved).
We talked about Superhero's and their super powers. We decided that most Superhero's are goodies and help to save the earth,planet, world to name a few !!
We had a fun game of bingo, we had to jump up if we had played with a furry friend, had a good sleep,danced, done some exercise etc in the last week. We told each other plenty of fun stories about going to the gym with our Dads and doing press ups.
We had to think of 15 lovely things to do each day on the run up to Christmas.... smile at the person sitting next to you, give someone a hug, help a friend with their coat etc. We came up with some super ideas to make our friends and teachers happy.
We also found time to bake Sunshine biscuits. :))

The Place where I live

History of Our Schooll

We looked around our school for clues to how it has changed over time. We noticed lots of things like different bricks, wall, playground markings, windows which gave us clues as to how school had changed. We looked at old photos and talked about the history of our school. Then we made our own information pages about school.

A Local Walk

On Thursday the 19th September we walked to Carr Lane park using maps of the local area. We followed our route on our maps and drew the route when we got back to school. We looked at the playground equipment and then imagined we were birds flying over the park and tried to draw what we saw as a birds eye view.

Toys from 1950

We explored how Toys have changed from 1950 to today. We looked at lots of toys and used clues to help us decide if they were old or new. We looked at whether they were broken or dirty, what they were made of and how they looked to help us decide when they were from. We played with the toys and compared them to the toys we play with today. Finally we sorted them into from the 1950's, older than the 1950's and newer than the 1950's.

We looked at some playground games that children used to play in the 1950's. We talked about how they were played, what they were made of and what we thought of them. Then we wrote our own information pages about some of them. Here are a few of them.

Science Day

Tuesday 10th September was our Science day.

We had a fantastic time dressed in our science related outfits and carrying out lots of experiments. We made bubble snakes, which were awesome, made water climb up the inside of a glass, created lava lamps, blew up balloons without using our own breath ( we made carbon dioxide by mixing vinegar and baking powder) and blew up bottles of pop.

What we will be learning to do this year 

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