2019 - 2020


Sports Premium

The Sports Premium Funding is additional funding given to schools to ensure that all pupils receive high quality PE and out of hours school sport.  At TCP, we believe the strategies should impact on the children so that they develop skills and confidence as well as having a range of opportunities to enjoy sport and most importantly to be active and healthy both now and in the future.


To find out more about what we spent the Sports Premium on last year and what the impact was, as well as what we are spending the funding on this year, please click on one of the links below:

Spring term


Extra curricular provision


Children at TCP have had the opportunity to participate in the following extra curricular sporting clubs during the Autumn term.


Autumn 2:

Year 3 & 4 Indoor Athletics

Year 5 & 6 Basketball

Year 5 & 6 Yoga

Year 4 & 5 running 

Year 3 & 4 Ballroom dancing


Spring 1:

Year 1 & 2 Gymnastics

Year 1 & 2 Football

Year 4 & 5 running

Year 3 & 4 Gymnastics


TASA Sports Hall Athletics


18 pupils from Year 3 and 4 enjoyed participating in the TASA Sports Hall Athletics event at Burscough Sports Centre. 

The children all took part in track and field events including javelin, standing long jump, triple jump and lots of relay races.

The children all showed great determination and were thrilled with their bronze medals. 

Autumn Term 

School Games Award


To recognise our sporting achievements last year in gaining the School Games Gold award we were invited to a WLSP award presentation and lunch. Two Year 5 pupils went to receive our award. The award was presented to us by the current British Pole Vault Champion.


Sports for Champions UK

We welcomed Paralympian rugby player Ayaz Bhuta to school. All the children took part in a sponsored fitness circuit for 'Sports for Champions'. Then we enjoyed an inspirational assembly led by Ayaz, where he told us about how he became a GB rugby player, impressed us with some of his skills and shared with us his resilience.



Trip to Manchester City Womens FC

8 lucky Y6 girls and Mrs Marshall went to watch Manchester City Women play West Ham Women on Sunday 17th November. This was a trip organised by WLSP. They won 5 - 0 and we had a fantastic day. The children were able to get the opportunity to get a few autographs and selfies too. 


TASA KS1 Sports Hall Athletics


16 Year 1 and 2 pupils enjoyed an evening of Sports Hall Athletics at Tarleton Academy as part of TASA. They enjoyed team relay events including a sprint and an obstacle course, threw javelins, did a standing long jump and a speed bounce. Lots of fun was had by all and it was a great opportunity for the children to experience Athletics.



Sports Leaders

Congratulations to our newly trained Sports Leaders. They will be organising and leading sporting activities every lunchtime, to help our children be as physically active as possible. 


Strictly TCP

Year 3 and 4 pupils are enjoying the opportunity to learn Ballroom and Latin dancing as an extra curricular activity this half term. So far we have been learning steps for the Waltz and Cha Cha. 

We were very lucky to have 2 award winning dancers come and perform for us. Zara and Eden, aged 10 are Latin American and Ballroom dancers. They also helped us with our steps and answered our questions. 

At the end of our dance club we proudly danced for our parents and grandparents to show them the skills we have developed during this half term. We performed our Waltz and Cha Cha. 



Pupils in Year 5 and 6 are enjoying learning basketball skills in our after school club led by Mr Tuffs from WLSP, helped by 2 Youngleaders from Tarleton Academy. 


TASA High 5 Netball


We participated in the TASA High 5 Netball tournament at Tarleton Academy. This was a 2 week league and our squad played very well, developing their confidence and skills with every game.


Curriculum Swimming

Schools are required to publish information about outcomes in swimming for Year 6.  This is something that is paid for through the school's core budget and not Sport Premium Funding.  The following table reflects that a high proportion of pupils leave TCP able to swim and this is significantly above national figures:

Swimming Competencies

% Year 6 Pupils (51 pupils)

Swim Competently over 25m



Use a range of strokes effectively


Perform safe  self-rescue in different water-based situations




Here are some of the things that the Sport Premium Funding helps us to achieve:


Summer Term

Sports Day 2019


Children in KS1 enjoyed an afternoon of sports. They had fun competing in the following races; running, skipping, sack, egg and spoon, hockey, bean bags and speedy dressing. Everyone tried their best and enjoyed themselves. We even had some parents races!



The Juniors competed in their house teams in the following races; sprint, long distance, javelin, shot put, sprint relay and speedy dressing. They also enjoy an obstacle course which includes egg and spoon, sack, skipping and balance a bean bag on your head!  All the children tried their best but this years winning house team was Kenny. Well done Team Kenny!



TASA Tag Rugby


Congratulations to our Tag Rugby team who were victorious at the TASA Tag Rugby tournament held at Carr Lane. Our team of 11 Year 5 and 6 pupils played with a fast pace and great team work. Lots of tries were scored and I was proud of all our players.



12 Year 3 & 4 athletes participated in Quadkids at Edge Hill University. The children had to compete in the following events, a throw, standing long jump, 50m sprint and a 400m long distance. They were all fantastic and I was very proud of them all. We have got some fast runners and excellent jumpers! We finished a very respectful 12th out of 21 schools.


TASA Swimming Gala

27 Year 5 and 6 pupils, comprising of 2 teams, participated in the TASA Swimming Gala at Edge Hill University. All the children enjoyed the atmosphere and the opportunity to compete at such a venue. The children all tried their best and every child won at least one medal. We won lots of bronze, silver and gold medals and the children worked well in their team relays.  Overall we came 3rd and had a fantastic time!


TASA Dengineers Day


32 KS2 pupils have had a great time today at Tarleton Academy building dens as part of a team. The children had to read a map to go and collect tokens to exchange for rope and canes to help build their den. The children all got muddy whilst making their den which made it even more fun! Year 5 & 6 children went in the morning and both teams were awarded 'Most Creative' den. Year 3 & 4 children went this afternoon and both teams were awarded 'Most waterproof' den.
We were really proud of their creativity, resilience, team work and problem solving skills. 


TASA Muddy Woody


30 KS2 pupils had a fantastic but tiring time at the Muddy Woody Cross Country held at Carr Lane.
All pupils were amazing and resilient! We also had a good medal haul!
Congratulations to a Year 5 pupil who came 3rd in the Year 5&6 race earning himself an individual bronze medal.
The Year 3&4 boys team won bronze medals, the Year 5&6 boys and Y5&6 girls won silver medals.
Well done to the Year 3&4 girls team who were champions and won themselves gold medals!
Only the top 4 runners were entitled to a medal in each category, but all the runners made me very proud. Every pupil tried their best and were determined - they had to run a long way! The Year 5&6 course was 1 mile and the Year 3&4 course was 3/4 of a mile.


High 5 Netball Finals


Our Year 5 and 6 High 5 Netball team played in the finals in Skelmersdale, as a result of winning the TASA High 5 tournament. We competed against 4 other schools who had also won their tournaments. The opposing teams played to a very high standard but we enjoyed the challenge and did well to make it to the finals. I could not have been more proud of our team. They played with determination and improved in every game we played. The resilience, team work and sportsmanship they showed was outstanding.



6 pupils from Years 5 & 6 enjoyed Orienteering at Tarleton Academy. They were all fantastic and finished an impressive 5th out of 12 teams. I was very proud of their map reading abilities, determination, running skills and most importantly their team work. 


Spring Term


Key Steps Gymnastics


10 pupils from Year 3 & 4 have participated in the WLSP Key Steps Gym event at Ormskirk School. We were incredibly proud of all the children! They showed great bravery, determination, confidence and perseverance. The children had learnt lots of new gymnastic skills in our after school club which they demonstrated superbly in their floor sequences, body management routine and vaulting. We have some very bendy and flexible pupils. 


Research project


Pupils from Year 5 have taken part in a research project for Edge Hill University. The project is looking at children's physical activity and sleep and how they relate to aspects of health and well being. Today the children took part in various measures including height, weight, a questionnaire, cognitive tests, a movement skills circuit and they have also been given an activity monitor to wear for 8 days. 


Scooting Stars


Children in Year 4 are enjoying their weekly session of Scooting Stars run by WLSP. They are further developing their co-ordination and balance and benefitting from participating in physical activity. 



TASA KS1 Scavenger Hunt

6 pupils from KS1 enjoyed an afternoon at Tarleton Academy taking part in a Scavenger Hunt, organised by WLSP for TASA. 

The children all had a great time searching and scavenging in the woods for their treasures, including pinecones, pine needles, leaves, seeds, magic wands, heart shaped leaves and anything else of interest. The children were all enthusiastic and showed great team work skills. We all got very muddy and nearly got stuck in the mud so it was definitely a successful fun afternoon! 

Autumn term


Year 5 & 6 Sports Hall Athletics

18 pupils from Year 5 & 6 participated in the Sports Hall Athletics at Edge Hill University. They were able to experience taking part in track and field events. The children enjoyed relay races, obstacle relays, speed bounce, javelin throw, standing long jump, triple jump, vertical jump and a chest push.


Change 4 Life Festival

Four of our Year 5 & 6 pupils recently attended an AGT Leadership course in preparation for the Change 4 Life Festival.  At the Change 4 Life Festival, run by WLSSP, the 4 pupils became team leaders and had to lead and encourage four of our Year 3 pupils. The Year 3 pupils had the opportunity to learn new skills and the team leaders further developed their leadership skills. We look forward to the children putting their new skills into action on the playground at lunchtimes and playtimes. 


TASA Team Challenge

8 of our Year 5 & 6 pupils had a great afternoon participating in the TASA Team Challenge at Tarleton Academy. The children had to work as a team to solve problems in a timed challenge and also had to navigate the route using their map skills. The children solved activities including Gutterball, Magic Carpet, Toxic Waste, Spider's Web, Electric Fence and Matrix. The challenges were tricky but all the children showed an excellent growth mindset displaying great confidence, communication, determination, resilience, enthusiasm and amazing team work. 


TASA KS1 Sportshall Athletics


16 Year 1 and 2 children had great fun participating in the TASA KS1 Sportshall Athletics at Tarleton Academy. They all enjoyed the opportunity to speed bounce, throw javelins and try the long jump individually. They also showed great team work when competing in a hurdles relay, sprint relay and an obstacle relay. Well done to the all the children involved.


TASA Composite Relays

We took two teams from Key Stage 2 and enjoyed competing in the TASA Composite relays. One of our girls and boys teams won medals. Well done everyone.


We have been very proud of both our girls and boys football teams who have participated in the Liverpool Cup during Autumn 1. The girls team finished third in their tournament and played brilliantly. The boys played some outstanding football progressing to the Semi-finals where they lost out on penalties. A fantastic effort by all the children involved. The children looked very smart in our new football kits.

We took two teams to participate in the TASA football league, which was played over 2 weeks at Carr Lane. Both teams played really well and our A team came 2nd in their league. 

TASA High 5 Netball

We participated in the TASA High 5 tournament at Tarleton Academy. This was a 2 week league and over both weeks we played brilliantly, winning 8 of our games and drawing one. This resulted in us winning the tournament and bringing home the trophy for the second consecutive year! 


2017 - 2018





We enjoyed a fantastic day out at Edge Hill University using their athletics facilities. 39 pupils from Key Stage 2 competed in a sprint, long distance, standing long jump and a mini vortex howler throw. We also participated in team relays where we won bronze and gold medals.  All our pupils tried their best and showed determination and resilient attitudes especially with the long distance running event. It was an opportunity for children to experience a proper athletics track and try new events. Today we may have discovered some future Olympians! This was a great finale to our sporting year.



KS1 World Cup Football

10 pupils from KS1 enjoyed a fantastic opportunity to take part in a football tournament at the JMO in Skelmersdale. This was organised by WLSSP as a special event because of the World Cup. Our team represented Libya in the African Nations group of the tournament. We paraded our flag in front of the Mayor during the opening ceremony. 

We played 7 matches where we won 5, drew 1 and lost 1. We came second in our group and were presented with Silver medals. 

We scored some great goals, defended well and had a talented young goal keeper. All the children played brilliantly, had fun and behaved impeccably. We have some talented young players who show a real promise for the future. 


TASA Team Initiative Challenge

We enjoyed a fantastic night of problem solving challenges at Tarleton Academy where 8 Year 5 & 6 pupils participated in a timed challenge organised by TASA. This was a new exciting event that proved successful and enjoyable. There was 6 challenges and we were given 1 hour to complete them. Team TCP managed to complete all 6 challenges in 18 minutes and 13 seconds - very impressive! The challenges were Gutterball, Magic Carpet, Spider's Web, Matrix, Electric Fence and Waste Disposal. Some challenges were easier and quicker to solve, however, Spider's Web proved the most challenging for our team. Our children were very well behaved and showed great team work, communication, patience, determination and resilience.



20 Year 6 pupils enjoyed the opportunity to experience a try Triathlon. This was a fun con-competitive event where they were able to swim, cycle and run like a real athlete. It was a WLSSP event at Park Pool in Ormskirk. We travelled there by coach which made it even more exciting for the children. The event comprised of a 40m swim, 800m cycle and a 400m run. They all did very well and enjoyed it despite the hot sunny weather making it more challenging. All pupils showed determination and resilience. I was very proud of how supportive the children were in helping and encouraging each other. It was the first time many of the children have ever done such an event, and they were cheered on and joined by their peers to help them cross the finish line. 



Our Year 5 & 6 rugby players were brilliant in their TASA Tag Rugby tournament at Tarleton Rugby Club. They all played with excellent team work, pace, great defending and scoring. We finished in joint first place, unfortunately missing out on getting medals on try difference. We won 3 matches and drew 1. A fantastic evening and a big congratulations to our awesome squad. Thank you to all the parents who came to support us. Go Team TCP!

TASA Dengineers


Congratulations to our team of Year 3 and 4 pupils who enjoyed a fantastic morning of orienteering. They had to work together to collect resources and build a shelter. Their design needed to be waterproof and large enough to fit everyone in (even if it was a squash and a squeeze). They were praised for their excellent team work and won the award for the most creative shelter design. 

Well done Team TCP!

Sports Day

The sun was shining for our Sports day. All children had lots of fun and participated in lots of different races. KS2 raced in the morning competing in events such as sprint, relay, long distance and javelin.

Congratulations to Team Kenny who were the winners for KS2.

Reception and KS1 enjoyed an afternoon of fun in the sun, with races including skipping, running, sack race, egg and spoon and speedy dressing on a bouncy hopper. 

Well done everyone.


Congratulations Team Kenny
Congratulations Team Kenny

TASA Dengineers

Congratulations to Year 6 who took part in the TASA Dengineers Event. The task was to build a den using natural material which included using maps and gaining extra material to help with the build.
The group was awarded "Best Team Work", "Best Aesthetics". The children thoroughly enjoyed the event. Go Team TCP!



We are offering a Yoga after school club for our Year 6 pupils. As well as being a good form of exercise, it is a great way to relax and has proven health benefits. We are hoping to equip our children with strategies to help them to relax fully and feel calmer in difficult or stressful situations. We hope Yoga will prove beneficial to children in the run up to SATs. The club is for beginners so no prior experience of Yoga is needed. The children have a very positive attitude and willingness to learn something new.


Muddy Woody Cross Country

We took part in an exciting Cross Country competition on Monday 30th April. 31 children from Key Stage 2 took part in the TASA event at Carr Lane. This was a fun new initiative and all children enjoyed running through the woods, despite not getting very muddy. The children ran in teams, there was a Year 3 & 4 girls and a boys race, and the same for Year 5 & 6. 

All children who took part were resilient because the course was quite challenging and a long way! 

Well done to all children who participated but a special congratulations to the combined boys team who finished 3rd overall in the Large Schools Category and a Year 4 boy finished 2nd in his race which was a brilliant achievement. 

Girl's Cricket

This half term we are running an after school Girl's Cricket club. We are fortunate to have the support of a coach from Tarleton Cricket Club and some young leaders from Tarleton Academy. We are learning to play Kwik Cricket. There are some local tournaments soon that we are in training for. 


High 5 Netball


Due to the success of winning the TASA High 5 Netball tournament in the Autumn term, we were invited to play in the WLSSP High 5 Netball finals. We enjoyed playing against some very strong teams, giving us the opportunity to further develop our skills, we finished 4th. We were proud of our team's performance and our determination. We improved with every game we played and relished this opportunity.




We entered a team of Year 6 pupils into an Orienteering competition at Tarleton Academy organised by TASA. The children had to work in pairs, a boy and a girl team, to orienteer their way around the field at Tarleton Academy. They braved the cold and windy weather conditions to finish an impressive 4th place out of 16 schools. Well done everyone. 

SPLASH Diving competition

For the first time ever we entered three of our Year 6 pupils into the SPLASH Diving competition run by WLSSP. The girls had to participate in trampoline practice sessions before several water based practise sessions. All 3 girls successfully made it through to the final competition held at Nye Bevan in Skelmersdale. All 3 girls did really well but a special congratulations to one of our Year 6 pupils who won the event and came home with the Gold medal!

Our Play leaders

We have members of Year 6 who have volunteered to be lunchtime Play leaders. They encourage, support and help younger children to join in with activities and sports. At lunchtimes, with the support of Play leaders we are able to get out a variety of exciting equipment. They demonstrate so all children know what to do, how to play and join in. All younger children love joining in and playing with the older children and it is great to see all different ages playing and interacting together. The Play leaders help facilitate a more active lunchtime.


Sport Relief

On Thursday 22nd March we enjoyed coming to school wearing our sports clothes and donating £1 for Sport Relief. School Council organised races for EYFS and KS1 in the morning and KS2 competed in a rounder's tournament in the afternoon. Everyone represented their house team and the winning house team will be presented with the house team cup in our Celebration assembly tomorrow. 

It was a great day of intra school competition and all children showed support and encouragement alongside team work and resilience. 

Congratulations to Team Kenny who were the house team champions.

We raised a fantastic £220 for Sport Relief. Thank you all for your contributions. 


Football Kit

We are proud to unveil our fantastic new football kit.

A big thank you to our new football kit sponsors 'GBA Time Critical Logistics'.

The children enjoyed an impressive visit from our new sponsors when they drove their 30th anniversary truck into school.

We can't wait for our next football match!


Gymnastics club

We are currently providing a Gymnastics after school club for children in Year 2 to Year 6 every Monday for all abilities.

The children develop their gymnastic skills, have fun and help each other.



Congratulations to all our Year 5 and 6 children who represented our school at the TASA Large School's Swimming Gala on Friday 19th January at Tarleton Academy. We won the gala overall and are really proud of everyone. There was a lot of medal hauls for individual swimmers and our relay teams. Go Team TCP!



Mini Wheelers

Children in our Foundation Stage have been enjoying the fantastic opportunity of 'Mini Wheelers'. They are having fun and increasing their self-confidence whilst learning to ride a bike safely. The use of balance bikes provides the balance first approach with the aim of transferring their skills to riding a pedal bike without the need of stabilisers. 

High 5 Netball

Congratulations to our Year 5 & 6 High 5 Netball squad who have enjoyed recent success. We have entered 2 tournaments during Autumn 1. Our school is now part of TASA (Tarleton Active Schools Alliance) where we have exciting opportunities to compete with local schools.

Our High 5 squad enjoyed a 2 week league held at Tarleton Academy and we won the large schools category.

We also entered the WLSSP High 5 tournament in Ormskirk and again won the large schools category. The children were delighted to bring 2 trophies back to school. 

Well done everyone!

Our 2 Year 6 Sport's Journalists came to the matches. Please click on the following links to read our match reports.

 TASA match report TA High 5.docxDownload
 WLSSP High 5 Netball tournament match report.docxDownload
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Composite Relays

We entered 4 teams into a Relay event organised through TASA, competing alongside local schools. A team comprised of a pupil from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. The girls competed against girls from other schools as did the boys teams. All the children ran brilliantly and were resilient runners, not letting a lot of mud stop them from enjoying themselves and trying their best. 

Our girl's teams won Bronze and Gold medals in the large schools category.

A big well done to everyone who ran and once again all children were a credit to TCP!



Girl's Football


On Friday 13th October ten Year 5 and 6 girls enjoyed an afternoon at the 3G in Hesketh Bank. They took part in a TASA Girl's Football Festival. This gave them all the opportunity to experience some football coaching from WLSSP coaches and then play some matches. They played within a team of children from local primary schools so there was a real community feel to the afternoon. 


Girl's Liverpool Cup


On Thursday 19th October we took part in the Girl's Liverpool Cup at the JMO in Skelmersdale. We took a squad of 10 Year 5 and 6 girls. It was the first time some of the girls had played in a competitive football match. Despite the awful weather conditions, the whole team were fantastic and came 4th overall, a great achievement. 





Sport's Day 2017

Congratulations to Team Kenny who are this year's Sport's Day winners! Thank you to all of our children for taking part and to all the parents who were able to come and cheer everyone on. 


Toddler Sports Day


We held a Sports afternoon for the children starting in Reception in September 2017. All the children had a great time and enjoyed participating in lots of non-competitive races, including egg and spoon, sack, space hopper, throwing and running. Parents enjoyed enjoyed a parent and child race too! Friends of TCP provided refreshments to parents and grandparents. Children enjoyed a drink and ice lolly after all their hard work, with all children receiving a medal for being brilliant. Our current Reception children proudly demonstrated the races and cheered everyone on. 





Autumn Term

Our penalty shoot out adventure at Preston North End...

Well done to the 7 children from Year 5 & 6 who enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at Deepdale on Saturday 1st October. They got the opportunity to watch Preston v Aston Villa and meet Deepdale duck. The best bit by far was going on the pitch at half time in front of 17,000 people to take penalties against Moss Side Primary School. The children felt very nervous but were so brave and did TCP proud. A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Full match day report to follow.

PNE Penalty shoot out



Our UKS2 Football team

Team TCP

Our UKS2 football team are playing in the WLSSP Large schools football league. We are doing well and are currently in 4th position. The team are looking forward to their remaining fixtures in the Spring term.


Year 5&6 Cross Country


On Wednesday 12th October children from Years 5 & 6 ran in the Cross Country event at Tarleton Academy. They braved the drizzly conditions to all do their very best. A massive congratulations to our girl's team who came third overall in the Large School's category.

Well done everyone!



5K club


Mrs Smith and Mrs Chicken enjoy an after school running club for Year 5 & 6 pupils every Friday. They run around Tarleton so keep a look out for them!




Gym Club


Mrs Bruzzese runs a gymnastic club every Friday for children in Year 2 and KS2. The children develop their gymnastic skills, have fun and help each other. Check out how bendy they are!




Spring Term


UKS2 Indoor Athletics


Pupils in Year 5 and 6 enjoyed competing at St Bede's High School at the WLSSP Indoor Athletics event in January. They competed in lots of track and field events including standing long jump, vertical jump, triple jump, speed bounce, javelin and lots of relay events including a fun obstacle course.

KS1 Athletics

8 Pupils from Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a non-competitive athletics event at Tarleton Academy in January. They had lots of fun enjoying competing in track and field events including speed bounce, standing long jump and javelin. They worked well as a team to compete in relay races including a fun over and under relay. They really enjoyed this opportunity and received lots of Gold, Silver and  Bronze stickers for their performances.


Congratulations to our winning Swimming team!


Pupils from Year 5 and 6 swam brilliantly at the Swimming Gala at Tarleton Academy on 17th March. We won overall in the large schools category and all children won lots of individual gold and silver medals. Our relay teams also won many gold medals. It was a fantastic morning and we are all very proud of the swimmers.



Children from Years 1 - 6 enjoyed a fantastic morning of gymnastics when a Gymnast coach from 'City of Preston Gymnastics Club' came to visit.

Look at the fun we had...


Summer Term


Congratulations to our winning Superstars


12 fantastic pupils from Year 1-6 took part in an Athletics event in Ormskirk called 'Superstars' on Thursday 27th April. A girl and a boy from each year group represented TCP. They had to compete in 5 events; speed bounce, standing long jump, target throw, shuttle run and keepy ups.

All 12 athletes were awesome resulting in a brilliant individual medal haul. Team TCP bounced and jumped their way to overall victory. Our girl's team won Gold and our boy's team won Silver. We are all very proud of our Superstars!



Year 3&4 Cross Country


On Wednesday 3rd May a team of Year 3 and 4 children entered the Cross Country at Tarleton Academy. Every child ran brilliantly and tried their best. Harry came 2nd in the Year 4 boy's race! Overall, the boy's Year 3&4 team came first in the Large School's category. The Year 3&4 girl's team came 3rd overall. This is our best achievement in the Cross Country so far, a great team effort.


Tag Rugby



Our Year 5 & 6 pupils have been fortunate enough to be receiving weekly coaching from a PE teacher at Hutton Grammar School. We entered a team into the Tag Rugby League held at Hutton Grammar School. We enjoyed our first opportunity to play competitive Tag Rugby.




Pupils in Year 6 have had the opportunity to participate in a Try Triathlon, a non-competitive event where they had the chance to experience what a Triathlon is like, enjoying swimming, cycling and running.




A team of 12 Year 5&6 pupils enjoyed the opportunity to play in a Rounder's tournament at Tarleton Academy. It was the first time we have played competitive rounders. All the children did TCP proud, with their excellent fielding, throwing and catching, teamwork, skilful batting and even scoring a few rounders.