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Welcome to our class of 30 wonderful Year 1 Superstars! We are all happy learners who always try our best. We know it is OK to make mistakes, as this helps us to learn.

Our teacher is Mrs Marshall and we are lucky to be supported at various times throughout the week by Mrs Ashton, Mrs Bridge and Miss Fellows.

We are all looking forward to a fun and successful year where we will learn lots of new things. We are especially excited to go swimming and participate at Forest School this year.


Knowledge Organisers Block 4

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Knowledge Organisers Block 3

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SCIENCE - Sensitive Bodies

In our Science lessons we have been learning all about our senses. This has been lots of fun and involved feely boxes to test our sense of touch, hearing tests, smelling fun and sight tasks. The children were finding out what it would be like to be visually impaired, and helped guide their blindfolded partner across some muddy puddles! The children enjoyed blindfolded taste testing, although some foods were described as YUK! They learnt new vocabulary; salty, sweet, bitter and sour. 


We have been learning all about primary and secondary colours along with colour mixing in our art lessons. 

Kipper's Toybox

As part of our English work for 'I'm a clever writer', we enjoyed reading the story of 'Kipper's Toybox'. As well as completing fantastic written retells and writing descriptive sentences, we all enjoyed reenacting the story! We especially liked the mouse wriggling inside Sock Thing!

Safer Internet Day

For Safer Internet Day 2024, we looked at 'Tech through time'. The children enjoyed working in groups to discuss and order which technology they thought was the oldest  to the newest. We listened to some important stories to learn how to keep ourselves safe online and learn about what can change whilst we are online. We all know we need to tell our trusted adults if we see something online that makes us worried or scared. 

Dance - The Circus

For our PE this half term we have been dancing to a Circus theme. The children have really enjoyed pretending to be tightrope walkers, ringmasters, clowns, jugglers and learning how to perform in Cannon. The children have danced as a whole class, in small groups, in pairs and individually. 

Fun in the SNOW!

Knowledge Organisers Block 2

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Science - Everyday Materials

We were learning all about materials. As part of this we had to investigate and carry out fair tests. We enjoyed testing how strong materials were and how absorbent they were!

December in Year 1

During December, Cellos were very busy with the play, Christmas Counts and were fantastic actors and speakers in our production with EYFS and KS1. 

We enjoyed a fantastic Christmas party, where we had a special visitor from Father Christmas! We went to see Cinderella the Pantomime! Lots of crafts and of course we were very productive for Enterprise week with our company Snow Kids! Making and selling all our Snowman themed products. 

Design Technology

In Design Technology we all enjoyed designing and making a windmill. We had to design and assemble the structure. Our structure needed to be stable and include turbines and axles which actually worked. We tested and evaluated our finished windmills. We were all pleased with our windmills and all think we did very well!


In our Gymnastics lessons we have been learning lots of different ways to balance, on our own and with a partner, using lots of different parts of our bodies. We have travelled along a bench and performed our balances on the bench. We have been learning to jump off the bench safely. We also began learning different types of rolling. 

Remembrance Week

For Remembrance week we focused on the importance of poppies. We enjoyed learning all about the different coloured poppies and their meanings. The children created a collaborative collage of Flanders Field. All week the children made poppies with a variety of construction. We performed poppy poems. Enjoy our video performances. 

No Outsiders

For our No Outsiders work this half term we enjoyed reading the story 'Going to the Volcano' by Andy Stanton. We had lots of fun acting this story out. We discussed that although the characters were all different, they could all play together and join in. They were kind to each other and let everyone visit the volcano. They all helped each other at the end of the story when they were in hospital. We are like this in our class and know that everyone is welcome and everyone can join in and play. Fantastic drawings were created of everyone joining in.


In English we enjoyed a week writing poems about Autumn and leaves. We had a fun welly walk looking for and collecting leaves and discussed all about our 5 senses. We printed with the Autumn leaves to create a class collage and used this as inspiration for wonderful adjectives. We wrote a list poem and a senses poem. We loved performing Autumn poems too!

Knowledge Organisers Block 1

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Welcome to Year 1!

We have been enjoying our new Year 1 class and playing and learning. We love our small world area, our finger gym, independent activities and lots more...

To celebrate Mr Upton's OBE, Cellos class made him a special card and presented it to him in assembly as a surprise. 


The children all looked bright and cheerful dressed up in their yellow clothes for this years Hello Yellow fundraising day and to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day. They enjoyed eating the special cakes too and the photo props! 

Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month we were learning all about the life of Nelson Mandela. The children helped create a fantastic painting of him, listened well to his life story and thought of lots of words to describe him. They were all shocked at how he was treated.

Basketball Festival

We participated in a Basketball Festival led by South Ribble. We impressed the coach with all our basketball skills!

Dear Zoo

We have loved reading the story 'Dear Zoo' this week in our English lessons. We had lots of fun retelling the story using masks and puppets. We are looking forward to writing this story soon too. Watch our fantastic videos retelling this story!

No Outsiders

For our No Outsiders focus this half term, we read the wonderful story of 'Elmer'. The children loved this story and all thought Elmer was beautiful just the way he was! If Elmer came to our school, we would make him welcome in our class as everybody is welcome and it is ok to be different. We made a class collage of our very own colourful Elmer. 


We are all working hard on our Phonics. This involves playing lots of fun games! 


Our Art focus this half term is drawing - 'Make your mark'. So far we have explored lines and made waves. We created line drawings using string, pencils and chalk. We created collaborative art work whilst listening to music to inspire us!


For our first Shape Friday we have had fun learning, recognising and naming 3d shapes. This included building lots of fun towers!


Our Science work this half term is focusing on Seasonal change. We have made fantastic season mobiles which look great hanging from our classroom ceiling!


How am I making History?

This is our History focus this half term. So far we have been learning about our own timeline and looking at photographs of us from the present to the past. We have liked looking at photographs of all our friends when they were babies and toddlers. 

We all loved making our memory boxes at home for our History learning. The children were proud to show their memory box and find out more about their own history. 

When learning about how special events are celebrated and remembered, we focused on our birthdays. We ordered ourselves by our birthdays and enjoyed finding out who shared the same birthday month.