Welcome to Tiny Treasures

The Tiny Treasures are the youngest class in our school. We share the EYFS area with the Reception class. Here you will find Mrs Rowcroft, Mrs Cookson, Mrs Brown and Ms Lear.
We love to come to school and learn, and we learn best when we are playing and having fun! There are lots of opportunities for us here in the Tiny Treasures.

To find out more about how your child will be assessed during their time in Tiny Treasures click here to access the government Development Matters document.  

Each half term we produce a newsletter to keep you up to date on what's happening in Tiny Treasures.  Click here to access this half term's newsletter.

World Mental Health Day- 10/10/2019

For World Mental Health Day we spent a day dedicated to our children's well being. We proudly wore yellow to support the charity Young Minds. Some of the activities we took part in include yoga, mindfulness activities and breathing activities. We also played lots of playground games in the fresh air. 

Owl Babies Topic

The children had shown an interest in owls after reading a story about owls last week. We have been  looking at the book Owl Babies and did lots of owl themed activities. We learnt about night animals and day animals (and even the word nocturnal), we made clay owls and finished the week baking owl biscuits. 

Obstacle Course

We worked together as a group to create an obstacle course. We tested it out to see if it was safe to walk across. Once we had decided it felt safe we moved across it in a variety of ways- we tip toed, crawled and marched.

Parachute Games

We went outside into the garden and played some parachute games. We had to use super listening skills so we didn't miss our turn. When our colour was shouted we ran around the circle, we are verygood at recognising colours and running very quickly!

The Big Red Bus

We were very excited to have our lunch on the Big Red Bus. We ate chicken nuggets, diced potatoes and beans followed by ice cream.

Science Day Fun

Lots of the children dressed up for Science Day- there were doctors, vets and even a mad scientist! We did some exciting experiments- we tried to make our own bubble mixture and inflated balloons without using a pump or our mouth!


Teddy Bears Picnic
During our first week of school we decided to share a Teddy Bears Picnic. We counted out plates, bowls, cutlery and teddy bears and shared them with our friends.