Welcome to Xylophone Class. We are 33 brilliant Year 6 children who love to learn! We are determined, resilient and creative thinkers, always ready for a challenge.

In our classroom you'll find our teacher, Mrs. Forder and our amazing helper Mrs. Edwards. We enjoy PE and ICT with Mrs. Higson; French with Mme Darby and Science with Mrs. Ng on Tuesday afternoons too!

P.E. days are Thursday and Friday.

Spellings are set on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Children should also complete times tables practice using Times Table Rockstars and reading homework at least 3 times a week. 

Our motto is 'Be The Best' and we aim to always set a good example to others with our behaviour and learning.

To look at the Key Learning Documents appropriate to our time in Upper Key Stage Two, please click here. To look at our theme map please click here.





This half term's theme is SURVIVAL! We will be using our Geography skills to research the extreme environments on Earth and finding out how humans and animals have learned to adapt and evolve to live in their environments in Science. We will extend this knowledge into our Art unit to look at how camouflage is used in design and create our own camouflaged creature as part of DT!

In English, we are writing biographies of famous explorers such as Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen and Edmund Hillary. Our class novel this half term is Gold Of The Gods by Bear Grylls and we will be using this and our geographical research to write our own adventure story set in an extreme environment. 

PE is invasion games, ICT focuses on coding and in RE we are looking at how Hindus use stories to guide their life.



Tuesday 6th September was Science Day! Our whole school focus was on 'The Magic of Science' and Xylophones invested the chemistry behind crystal formation. We used Borax mixed with hot water to grow crystals on pipe-cleaners. 

We also watched a brilliant assembly with Steve, a chemist from Salford University. Later, we used his microscopes to investigate the plants and mini-beasts that live around our school. It was very weird seeing woodlice up so close through the magnified lens!

We finished off the session by watching Steve make ice-cream using liquid nitrogen. It tasted a bit strange but still enjoyed the treat! Watch the video below!



As part of our study of Hindu Dharma in RE, we looked at the celebration of Holi.

Using a splatter technique, we made Holi postcards and used them to write in role as someone who had attended a Holi Festival in India.




Thursday 10th October was World Mental Health Day and we all wore yellow to support Young Minds. 

It was a chilled-out day filled with fun and enjoyment. We spent a long time discussing why mental health is just as important as physical health and what to do if we are feeling low. We played Well Being Bingo to see how many of us were making time to do things we enjoy. 

We also made a 12 Days Of Happiness calendar and behind each door is a task that will make us or others feel better. Over the next half term, we will open the doors and complete the activities.

The morning was completed with activities that included designing mental health heroes, making positive affirmation bunting and mindfulness puzzles. Lavender bags that Eco Club kindly brought round helped to ensure it was a very chilled out day!